Practice Areas

During my 30 years in practice, I have defended thousands of criminal cases. I have successfully defended individuals and corporations charged with almost every type of Criminal, Quasi-Criminal and Regulatory Offence in Ontario courts. Below are just a sampling of the types of cases I regularly defend and my areas of practice.

Fraud and Theft Offences

Often in these types of white collar offences, because of the documentary nature of the Disclosure, the Crown may find it difficult to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore in some situations challenging the sufficiency of the evidence during the early stages of the proceedings may result in having the charges withdrawn or making it easier to facilitate a resolution agreement for reduced charges and penalties.

Domestic Assault/Sexual Assault and Violent Assault Offences

Thoughtful preparation and tactical strategic decisions are essential in these types of cases because most often credibility is the key to a successful defence.

Impaired Driving/ Over "80" and Dangerous Driving Offences

These types of cases are very often defended on a very technical and detailed basis or because of various breaches to The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Weapons and Firearms Offences

Defences in this category include lack of proof of Possession or illegal Search and Seizure.

The Controlled Drug and Substances Act

The production, possession or trafficking of illegal drugs can result in harsh criminal penalties. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms highlights the right to be free from unreasonable Search and Seizure and Arbitrary Detention. In these types of cases, exclusion of the drugs that were seized by the police is the key to a strong defence.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act

Defence of young persons, ages 12 to 17. The focus here is to avoid attracting a Youth Court Record.

Provincial Offences/Environmental Regulations

Ministry of the Environment regulations impact: real estate and land development transactions, waste management and landfill diversion, and also emissions, storage, disposal and transportation of hazardous materials.

Provincial Offences/Occupational Health and Safety

Ministry of Labour investigations deal with death or serious injury as a result of unsafe workplace safety practices.

Provincial Offences/ Stunt Driving and Careless Driving

High speed car racing and driving erratically will affect insurance rates and driving privileges for long periods of time if there are convictions registered against you.

The above Provincial Regulatory Offences attract substantially high fines as penalties and depending on circumstances possible jail terms. I offer advice and representation on these types of Regulatory Offences.